Friday, October 10, 2014

the goodwill blues

i have intentionally been avoiding thrift stores.  not cos i dont love to peruse the aisles, but since i no longer work an office job with a business-casual environs, i dont have time to wear many dresses.  i was suckered back in today whilst running errands.
peter pan collar dress: ann taylor loft
long sister-wife dress: to be cut up into a skirt for work
nautical type dress: landsend [i didn't know they still made clothes?]

aaaand a slightly ill fitting trench coat.  i waffled for awhile, but i think i can match the color and sew on belt loops and add a belt.  or do some kind of crazy contrasting print.  thoughts?
lastly, do you know how hard it is to find denim skirts these days?  i know it isnt 1990.  but jeebus.  my work "uniform" consists of the el restaurante shirt, along with denim/black/khaki skirt/shorts/pants.  the last few years i have conspicuously been avoiding those colors.  especially khaki.  but one of my coworkers pointed out i manage to "make the damn uniform look cute somehow every day" so i guess my collection of scarves and sweaters are helping to make it more "me".  but dont count on many outfit pics.  theyre still pretty boring.

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