Monday, November 10, 2014

birthday weekend!

this weekend i hosted a roaring 20's [on a budget] birthday party for myself.  i made the requisite pinterest board, compiling the looks and styles and drinks i liked for the theme, bought a bunch of fringe and sequin trim to .... hoard forever, and then ended up spending about $100 on ingredients, alcohol, and decorations.  i found a dress i had purchased back in long island [atleast 4+ years ago now] which hadnt ever really fit, and that id tried to consign atleast once.  it was a $300 sample sale dress which i think i paid $40 for.  but it fit the theme perfectly, and finally fit me, but i couldnt bring myself to add any extra sparkle.  subtle is better, no?

some of the foods: olive and cheese plate, bbq spare ribs crostini, rum cakes, smart food [cheesey popcorn], chips and dip, pitas and dip, veggies [and dip], dino chicken nuggets and a fancy array of 7 sauces, pumpkin whoopie pies, porcupine balls [pork meatballs rolled in rice], corn potato fritters, and cos every party needs some class... frosted animal cookies found in the pantry of doom at about 11pm.
the whole crew!

the following night my sister, our friend from new york, and my best friend from college were in town!  we went to empire for super early dim sum dinner, 555 for fancy pants dessert, then shuffled my sister off to symphony rehearsal, while the 3 of us spent hours at the hunt and alpine club and maps

an excellent weekend of delicious food, good friends and family, and amazing drinks!  no hangover thankfully, since i had to work up on a roof on sunday from 9-5..

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