Wednesday, November 19, 2014

liz and the solar boys

that's the name of our future band.  and our album cover.. and the person on the right is actually one of the guys' 16 year old daughter who has about 10x more experience than i do.

also, this is my part time job.  that's right.  ive become a installer?  hanging out up on roofs, exposed to the elements, doing manual labor?  yeeeup.
my first install was in the swanky town of cape elizabeth, on a barn with possibly the steepest roof ive ever seen.  and yes, first time sober running around on a roof, all harnessed in, 2.5 stories up.  and of course, on the hottest day in september that ive ever seen in maine.  85+ in the normal environment, but everything is exponentially warmer in the blazing sun, on a roof, surrounded by metal things.  i did get a little sunburned, and burned my hands.. and got shingle sealing tar aaaaaall over myself, but we installed a 40 module residential system in less than a month, working only weekends.
the job were working on right now, is a 180 module commercial system on a hotel about 2 minutes from my house.  and well, its november.  there was snow on the other side of the roof.  and instead of being searingly hot, the rails are now.. you guessed it.  colder than a witch's ...yea
the most time consuming part of the job is trying to align the mounts and rails so the panels can be attached properly.  that requires us running around looking at odd angles, lying down on the job, and mostly trying not to get caught up in each other's ropes.
mmmm roofy.

basically this job is most continuous labor ive done... ever.  and it hurts.  and i sleep like the dead after a 9 hour day.  but hard work pays off and whatnot, and i really was never cut out to work in an office.  plus saving the world.  one photovoltaic system at a time.

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