Saturday, November 8, 2014

what ive been up to [part 2]

the most important part of any day is food time.  followed very closely by sleep time.
things ive cooked lately: jalapeno sour cream mac and cheese, spicy coconut curry noodle soup, [frozen] dumplings and [steamed] chicken buns, rum cakes and pumpkin whoopie pies [to be featured in a later post for my roaring 20's birthday party!], chocolate whiskey bread pudding, and butternut squash fennel chorizo chicken sausage soup

some random jars and bowls ive picked up at various places.. to grow into future succulent planters!  in the ... ahem.  month... since i took those pictures, the fluffy tree-like ones have doubled in size!  nothing has died yet and the rooting hormone i added seems to be doing its job.  now if only i had more containers..
my mom visited for some cleaning and shopping adventures, and i introduced her to the dangers of the christmas tree shop and two shows which have been waiting on my netflix queue for the right ... idk what.  peaky blinders and copper - both gritty cop-type period dramas in the style our family is rather obsessed with.  we already finished ripper street, but recommendations are always welcome.
lastly, my dining room has transitioned from bare bones halloween decor to preliminary roaring 20's birthday party prep!  stay tuned.  pics will be posted before december.  promise.

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