Sunday, November 30, 2014


aka the best holiday of the year!

our family tradition has generally been more pies than people for thanksgiving.  this year however, we had the 4 of us and *only* 4 pies - apple, grape, pecan, blueberry/cranberry.  sigh.  the humanity.  but also pear gingerbread upside down cake and dark chocolate mexican pudding. 

and it was declared the greens were the best part of the meal this year and well, not to brag, but that may have been the only effort i put in.  hahh.  sauteed garlic kale [homegrown and rescued before the 5" of snow], everybody's favorite white trash green bean casserole, and bacon brussels sprouts.  i also made the pudding from the restaurant recipe. did the rest.  all of it.  and putting a tin foil/towel blanket over the turkey was a familial issue of contention... as the turkey was then not surprisingly hot as fuck while it was being carved.  sigh.
the nearly fully loaded table, moved into the living room at my mom's request since apparently she doesnt like eating in a room with multiple litter boxes?  frank has serious issues.
le fam
le frank


  1. so good.

    although, after eating that much, i was very hungry the next few days.

    1. got the ole tum stretched out. i told mom my sad tale of storing the pies in the oven after you all left... and i forgot about them :(


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