Tuesday, December 2, 2014

pickle all the things?

along with all the prep for thanksgiving goodness, my parents brought a ridiculous amount of produce from their winter CSA.  what do i do with 3 pounds of carrots now?  i dont even like carrots.  well... pickle them of course!  and dump them on other people as "thoughtful" homemade christmas presents.  or something.  but what about the overabundance of other produce i already had from before thanksgiving?  well i'll pickle that shit too.  also 2.5 pounds of beets from the CSA.  it was closer to ... 2.7 pounds but i managed to lose one in the disposal while i was rinsing and didnt find it until well after i was done.  oops.  and now for your viewing pleasure:  no words.


  1. Replies
    1. no dilly beans yet. trader joe's was sold out of the haricot verts and ... i wasnt going to a third grocery store. sigh.


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