Friday, December 5, 2014


seriously.  its been almost a year since i managed to do anything productive with my sewing machine... and the last thing was my loveseat.  but in the glut of black friday/small business saturday/cyber monday/taco tuesday emails... i managed to get one for go to patterns, and bought the casual lady pattern for half off! 

i used a stretch lace that um... had been a pseudo-tablecloth at the roaring 20's party and may have a bit of schmutz on it.  whatever.  it'll wash out.  i kind of like the look of the interfacing as a double layer, but its weirdly flappy in the back.  it may need a quick tack in the middle, or just a lower back tank top underneath

though not specifically stated in the directions, i did end up doing a double seam on the cap sleeves and a triple at the bottom hem.  also, the directions suggest you sew one side, then the hem, then the remaining side.  the way i cut knits can only lead to tears [that's crying not rips] and i wisely did both sides and then the bottom.  only slightly uneven, but nothing a 1" hem cant fix.
and since i havent done an outfit pic in awhile.. here you are i am in all my slippered glory.  i was wearing a big fuzzy hoodie prior to this pic and the only reason im even wearing pants [and makeup] is i had to run errands and then went to a friend's house for a brief decor consultation.  it quickly devolved into beers and chats, as i am ever the consummate professional.

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