Thursday, December 25, 2014

bathroom status: 95% done!!!!

MERRY FRIGGIN CHRISTMAS TO ME!  the bathroom floor [sans molding/trim] is done!!  nothing says christmas-eve-fun-time like my mom and me crawling around the bathroom floor cursing, flailing, and chasing my cat around with the vacuum.  my dad was wisely in another room for the duration.

floating snap-together flooring.  supposedly so easy ... a child can do it, according to the internets.  well..  umm it took us two days to finish.  and rather than just a "utility knife and a straightedge!" i needed a dremel, electrician lineman pliers, a flathead screw driver, a speed square, tape, tracing paper, about 14 pencils, scissors, a tape measure, a shot glass [..for drawing circles of course], a hammer, a square bit and a impact drill, a circular saw, and all the pie.  no seriously.  nutritional fortifications.  also some straight up aggression. 
blood, sweat, and no tears later, it's done!  doorway thresholds are even back in and both doors clear the new flooring!  VICTORYYYYYYY.  all that remains for my new [5 month old] bathroom is window sill/trim and trim/molding over the new floor!

[in case you need a refresher.. here is how the floor looked for the past 4 months]

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