Monday, December 22, 2014

feliz navidad a couple days early

welp the christmas tree has been up for... 2 weeks now.  pics are now finally as well.  i got a significantly smaller tree than the beastly one i had last year, and probably will shoot for a happy medium next year.  but damnit, it was cold and freezing rain in the christmas tree lot, and my christmas-tree-hauling-friend-with-a-truck was rather displeased at being present.
i bought some tacky tinsel garland this year, and i think it looks pretty friggin nice if i do say so.

with some fancy wrapped presents underneath
the theme this year is clearly forest creatures... and some random paper cranes.  i made the sad squirrel felt ornament thanks to a pattern i found on pinterest, and the fluffy owlets and the hedgehog are from pier 1.  if i had all the moneys.. id shop there more often.  sigh.
and as always, sparkles is a secondary theme.  i really like poinsettias as well, but they may or may not be toxic to cats, and frank is dumb enough to eat anything atleast 3-4 times.  the glitter eucalyptus and the poinsettias are flower/wreath picks from michaels which i cut apart... using rather expensive electrical wire cutters.  whateves.  i do what i want.
the tree at night with gratuitous cat butt.  ignore the fact that i clearly ran out of lights at the top of the tree...

happy solstice/christmas/hanukkah/kwanza/new years!


  1. I love your tree! I think what's missing from my tree is... TINSEL and LOADS OF LIGHTS like yours! Happy Christmas, Liz!

    1. thank you laura! happy holiday wishes to you too!


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