Thursday, February 6, 2014


since moving in 10 months ago i have perfected the art of using a 6'x6' bathroom.  that is to say... i try and spend as little time as possible in that damn room.  though it is the warmest in the house.  obvi it is still pink tile with a clawfoot tub.  the money i have put into the house thus far has gone to cosmetic wall repairs in the other rooms including the hallway outside, and organizational accoutrements. 

after much internet browsing, countless hours wasted spent on pinterest/better homes & gardens, reading through my fine homebuilding magazines, and taking awkward measurements, my mom and i came up with several variations of how the bathroom can be redone to maximize available space.  i dont want to expand the bathroom since the kitchen is on one side and my bedroom is on the other.  the drawing on the bottom left has the most potential, and i priced it out based on home depot supplies.  i work there but sadly, there is no employee discount. 
the open-in bathroom door is possibly the worst design ever, until you consider how awkward it would be ..opening-out into the somewhat narrow hallway.  thus, a sliding barn-style door is in order.  also, MOAR STORAGE STAT!!!
no more open shelves to gather dust and stray cat hairs.  no wobbly itty bitty vanity with a sink that is well under 30" high.  i want a six foot long cabinet with a single sink and a shitton of counter space.  and drawers.  seriously.  who has a bathroom with not a single drawer??!  the only drawer in the bathroom is in a petite [aka fucking tiny] storage shelf i got at target.  the drawer holds, wait for it.  headbands.  cos thats all the space that exists.  a full length counter top with drawers and cupboards underneath, and possibly wall mounted cabinets for extra space so things like .. toilet paper and kleenex can be stored in the bathroom.  instead of in my kitchen in a damn repurposed dresser.

mom and i figured, for $5000 we can purchase all the fixtures, parts, and materials needed to redo my bathroom.  things like, adding a vent fan to reduce the 8000% humidity when i shower.  removing the weirdly large window that has no window covering and replacing with glass block.  installing [and piping O_o] a corner shower and selling the damn clawfoot tub!  and with the proceeds from the tub [estimated to sell for about $1k by a plumber] i can ... pay one of my buddies to help with the process.

but in other news, crown moulding shoe racks are back!!!
i have reduced my impractical footwear collection by a few since i last installed moulding, but it is as functional as ever.  i do however.. need to paint the primed moulding since it doesnt *quite* match with the wall color, the ends were cut to length and obviously not painted, and the nails i used got my hands all grubby so there are little grey fingerprints on a few places. 
also i rehung the nailpolish rack after the new paint had a few days to cure and i realized.. i really need to throw about half of my polish out and start over.  i culled quite a few when i originally unearthed the bottles from their tubs, but frankly, some of those are from high school.  loooong ago and far away.  and they have the gooey disgusting clumps to prove it. 
one last pic just cos it looks so damn good.

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