Friday, February 21, 2014

the scariest stirfry ever

**disclaimer** do not read on if you dislike foods that look like offal.
i happened to find a packet of char siu mix in my highly disorganized pantry from hell.  i also found some tofu in the fridge, and chicken thigh in the freezer.  i followed the marinating directions, cooked up my mixed protein products, and jesus christ.  it looks like bloody animal discards. 

delicious.. but so terrifying. 
some nicer looking spinach and carrot noodles
result: i swear it is all cooked regular bits of stuff.  not gooey looking pieces of animal livers and fatty tissue.  it is chicken, tofu, and probably red dye number carcinogen.  slightly sweet and smokey tasting like char siu should be, with al dente veggie noodles, edamame, cabbage, and baby chard mix. 

effect: close your eyes and eat. 

confession: i only ate about half of this.. and had to get rid of the leftovers a few days later. 

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