Monday, November 19, 2012

salvation army

some things are inevitable.  like my car will need hundreds or thousands of dollars of work every year.  whether it be brakes, tires, rotors, or ahem.  a new windshield.  whatever.  thats what budgeting is for right?  what was not inevitable...but more fate perhaps is that the car place was less than 3 blocks from both salvation army and goodwill.  [un]fortunately my car took less than the 2 hours schedule for new brakes and rotors [and $600 less than it cost me the last 2x in ny] so i only went to the sa. 
tacky turquoise silk shirt, tacky paisley polyester shirt, oversized furry vest, reversible [!!!] rain jacket, brown sweater that i have been searching for ... for months.

turquoise wool blazer, pants that hopefully had a shrinkydink moment in the dryer, knit/ponte dress, polyester paisley [sense a theme here?] skirt, corduroy blazer, twee knit sweater
tacky nautical tee [destined to become a tacky nautical skirt], purple leopard top, blue sheer dress, peach sweater, a pepsi cooler, and a green cardigan that i almost bought at target.

only a couple things to refashion, a couple things for the etsy [and perhaps one for my mums], aaand the rest are ready-to-wear.  or wash again cos ive already worn them.  jeez.

linking up to shana's thrifter's anonymous
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  1. omg that fuzzy vest. That is too freaking awesome! I swear, your SA is so much better than mine.

  2. its frighteningly real feeling... but i will continue to tell myself it is faux fur. and i might try and wear it over my wool coat with my mongolian hat. just cos its maine. and its nearly winter.


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