Tuesday, November 6, 2012


halloween night was spent at the state theater for the fun. concert.  amazing live band and in true guy fashion...they all dressed like women.  more specifically, the cast of friends.  complete with a couch and the central perk sign mounted on the drum set. 
opening band was miniature tigers.  now because i apparently have ADD at concerts and i tend to ignore when the singer says actual words... i was confused by the band name.  at first i heard "imagine dragons" who was in concert a few months ago.  then i heard "bitchin tires".  the third time they said their name [..at the end of the set] i finally figured out it was tiny feral felines. 

i made that pic really big cos i was mostly impressed with the quality of the picture.  camera phones have made some serious progress.  but that is fun. whenever someone inquired as to my halloween plans i said "were going to the fun. concert"  people who had never heard of the band said "oh...that sounds like ..fun?"

[click to enlarge but theyre all pretty much the same.  bright colors, confetti, the friends header]

fun. is an amazing live band.  the snl videos on their website are not a great representation of the large show - the singer was very well in tune/on key the whole night and the band was so energetic i thought i was going to pass out.  plus added bonus, the show kicked off fun.'s nation-wide tour promoting their ally coalition and in support of the mainers united for marriage movement. 

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