Wednesday, November 7, 2012

random snacks

since my trainer [i have a personal drill sergeant..] told me to eat more protein and drink more water... ive been quasi-successfully accomplishing one of those tasks.  one night i made a ground pork spinach curry with israeli couscous. 
it was a little unremarkable as i didnt toast the spices or add sriracha [always needed] ..but i was tired and it was good enough.  unfortunately as i was also simultaneously doing some much needed laundry, i had to cat-proof my dinner for a few minutes before eating.  ie... stuck it in the [off] oven.

much fortified, i decided to also bake off the chicken i had in the fridge and made both regular panko/cornmeal breaded chicken breasts as well as spicy ground almond crusted chicken. 
even with the word "crusted" in the title, most excellent. 

since im a foodie fatty i recently took a trip to duckfat with the seester.  we split a small fry with thai chili mayo, and i managed to eat 3/4 of a pork belly/carrot/radish/thai chili mayo panini.  i may have picked off the onion and some of the cilantro.  ahem.  i am a also a very picky child.  since the sis also ordered a shake, we took half of her meatloaf panini home and ..i may have eaten it the following lazy afternoon.

random discovery - pina colada starbursts!
smashed purple cauliflower with butter and greek yogurt
lastly on the random train: ingredients for baking and pickling projects.  lets hope i dont get them mixed up...

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