Friday, November 9, 2012

new camera!

kitty glamour shot brought to you by my new birthday canon!
physically its a wee bit bigger and heavier than my old canon sd750 but it is light years better in terms of picture quality and manual features.  the focus ring on the front allows for a wide range of focal points - 5+ meters to < 5 cm.  plus the image stabilizer and auto white balance allows for low-light shooting without a flash and tripod.  i shot a kind of dizzy-inducing pic of my jeans just for the hell of it. 

and some additional gratuitous kitty pics
deeeeevvviiill caaaaat
more later [once i figure out the rest of the features..]


  1. AWESOME!!! the quality is great! I mean, I never saw jeans look soooo good ;) AND your kitty is adorable. schmeriously.

  2. thansk! but umm he is kind of a jerk as well.. luckily he's a little charmer. and i learned picasa has a collage function. expect un-blurry pictures galore!


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