Saturday, August 11, 2012

the saga of a cake carrier

not really a saga.  just hilarious. 

so i bake delicious treats and ..since i live alone now i have to distribute them amongst friends, coworkers, and family.  it was mentioned in passing that i hadnt brought anything to work in days.  not weeks, not "awhile".  days.  in response i sent a totally work appropriate email basically stating if anyone wants any more damn cake someone will buy me a carrier

several days later, a magical amazon box appeared on my porch and i screeched with excitement and ran around my apartment for a few minutes.  as it turns out....not from my coworkers.  rather, my mom.  who idk if i mentioned it in passing or she is just friggin psychic [probably] but she ordered me the exact carrier i had been looking at and shipped it!  and she mentioned she might give me the all cakes considered book to help the cause... yaaay!!
frank loves it.

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