Monday, August 6, 2012

moussaka ...with ONIONS

eggplanty friedness.  really not all that appealing looking. 

ocd eggplant arranging
not entirely sure why i decided onions were necessary...but they cooked down all squishy and translucent so no gagging.  thankfully.  this is a big step for me.  seriously.  could have used some more salt though..

finished!  looking...slightly gloppy and unappetizing like moussaka usually does.  but delicious!


  1. oranges_and_applesAugust 7, 2012 at 3:00 AM

    I love moussaka (well, the veggie version) I am actually slightly obsessed with aubergines. It's their colour when uncooked I think. And their taste of course, yum!

  2. the graffiti ones are the best! no pre-salting required plus they are gorgeous

  3. ::sniff:: im getting growed up..

    and by that i mean..the onions were nearly liquified by the time they went into the oven, after they actual baking they were all but gone

  4. Thanks for linking to our first Eat Make Grow Blog Hop! Wasn't Moussaka one of the characters in the Lion King? If only our eggplant had lived I would make this dish. Perhaps next year.

    We are already on to Blog Hop #2. I hope you'll come and link to that one as well. Feel free to link to any older posts if you think they are timely and pertinent.

    - Foy

  5. thanks for hosting!

    lol at mousakka in the lion king!

    i might try and look up some good older posts, but i also just need to get my butt to the grocery store and cook some stuffs...


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