Thursday, August 23, 2012

the job sitch

yes i know sitch isnt a word.  its my abbrev for situation.  and i also want to punch people in the the face that use the word abbrev out loud.  and speak all in abbrevs.  but i digress.  read on.

i have conceded that i may be a credit processor/analyst for some months.  i was hired on as a part time temp data entry "operator" ie: i typed stuff.  i have since gone full time, and as of next week i will be a permanent employee.  they are also training me to be a credit analyst so i will get to assign the moneys instead of just typing up applications.

not where i ever expected to be.

in a million years


the plus side:
  • i really like my office/company/coworkers
  • benefits including health insurance
  • regular weekday hours with regular pay - ie time for hobbies and adventures
  • i am actually learning new things
  • downtown office location - walkable from my apartment
  • upward mobility and raises
  • its a job
the down side:
  • not renewable energy or engineering
but in short, i decorated.  thus declaring my intentions of staying awhile.  perhaps next i should bring in my 20 hard bound engineering textbooks and a picture of my cat...


  1. lol a picture of your cat. in the end, a job is a job. and benefits mean a lot these days. as we know.

  2. should i bring in some knitting as well? i suppose i could manage a family picture...


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