Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the fog

i went home this weekend for the pops' birthday.  it was foggy when i left town, it was foggy while the seester and i were driving, and it was foggy....pretty much the whole weekend.  but there was good food, family chats [appropriate and not], lots of naps, and sailing!

positive things deter my brain from thinking of what i thought was the stephen king story called the fog.  its called the mist.  whatever.  its terrifying. 

heres another [crappy] pic of fog in maine.  this is daytime.  from my office building.  the wisps rising so gently off the water.. barely made it into the sky before the next cloud bank rolled in and engulfed back cove in fog yet again.  maine weather makes me wax poetic.  but really its the fear talking. 

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