Monday, August 20, 2012

the hash fiasco, or weird stuff ive cooked lately

breakfast hash.  mostly just random globs of stuff in a pan. 
but really...thats what it is supposed to be.  an investigation into the depths of my freezer revealed potato cubes so old they had amassed in a solid unbreakable [tried smashing it on the counter] block.  so i fried that up and broke up the pieces over about... 15 minutes.  then i diced some weird white radishes left over from my parent's CSA ... 3 weeks ago?  add to that some corn salsa someone left in my fridge months ago [expiration date was sometime in 2013 - not to worry].  aaand then i uncovered some maple bacon.

bacon is supposed to taste like bacon.  not syrup.  and certainly not chemically altered maple flavoring.  and of course i couldnt bring myself to throw said bacon away ...back in march.  so it cowered away unnoticed in the back of the freezer.  i decided the rest of the hash had enough flavors to mask the fauxmaple essence, so i chopped it up, fried it with the rest, and voila.  surprisingly tasty hash that i added to a breakfast burrito along with some fluffly scrambled egg. 
while the hash fiasco was occuring, i simultaneously sauteed up some slightly freezerburned peas in butter with some fried-dried shallots and tossed in frozen raviolis.  seriously there is a black hole in my freezer that has only just started to expel things out the other side.

and last but not least..
smashed purple cauliflower.  i have no earthly idea what that looks like other than what it is.  purple cauliflower florets steamed and smushed into little chunks, with greek yogurt and butter mixed in.  delicious.  tangy.  ever so slightly al dente.  and um... i left some out on the counter for a hot 5 minutes and satan cat took some bites... 

it was that good.

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