Sunday, August 26, 2012

random roundup

half off bbq night at trivia...and we came in second!  that means beer moneys!  and exponentially better than our usual... 14th..

also, my friend defended her thesis and had a potluck/bbq!
the cake [made by her sisters] reads "yay erin - the lobster's revenge"
funfetti cake with rice crispy treat lobster eating swedish fish
we stood around eating and talking for... oh 3 hours
until it got wicked daahk bub.  but a revelation - i found 100% deet spray.  nature just got so much more tolerable.  its amazing how much enjoyable things are without ginormous welting bug bites...


  1. woohoo! congrats on trivia night! And that lobster cake looks sooooo amazing.

  2. thanks! trivia returns tomorrow, so hopefully we can repeat the glory of free beer money! the cake was amazing but i filled up on chippies and grilled stuff beforehand..


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