Saturday, December 17, 2011

xmas decor

after seeing several ornament trees on pinterest and blogs and realizing... i'm not going home for xmas for logistical reasons, i decided to do some quick decorating!

the glass balls were $2 at rite aid [too lazy to go anywhere farther with better selection] and tying them turned out to be a pain in the ass.  fishing line is...really hard to see.  cos its clear. 
the other decorations consist of lights left up from the burlesque party, beads from a mardi gras party a couple years ago, and cranes that have been hanging in my room for quite some time.  i am hoping to find some cheap greens but i have some lingering fears that frank will chew them up and then barf pine needles everywhere.  and/or destroy them.


  1. i love "trees" like that! they had a couple cool ones in the cb2 catalog. very nice!

  2. ah cb2 was the other place i saw them. probably linked on blogs. weee! and shanks!


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