Sunday, December 4, 2011


sooo i have always claimed not to like lobster.  i had never *actually* tried it until the day after thanksgiving.  thats right.  black friday i did not go shopping with the hordes.  i ate a lobster.  claws to tail.  and umm..the tail still weirds me out texture/flavor-wise.
but claws.  and little bitty feet.

holy shit.  amazing.
velvety soft and not fishy tasting.  delicious dipped in butter ..or not.  the little dude all cracked and [mostly cleaned] and ready for the eatin

a box of lobsters straight from the ocean, brought home in a subaru.  typical maine.

my parent's rather untraditional lobster cooking method
outdoor propane boiler = no nasty smelling house, no hearing the screech of lobster claws as they boil, and well..where else can you run in and out of the house into the [not snowy!] patio saying "wait, let me check on the lobster"?


  1. Wow! That's pretty intense. I remember when I vacationed in Maine and my brother had his first lobster dinner. It was really funny because he made a mess of himself. :)

    happy comment love day!

  2. Lobster is one of my favorite foods ever!! Sooo good! And that one looks like is cooked perfectly!

    Happy Comment Love Day!

  3. we didn't have bibs unfortunately, but half a roll of papertowels was sacrificed for the meal!

  4. it was pretty excellent!


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