Saturday, December 24, 2011

ginger and an egg sandwich

since i was too lazy to go to 2 different grocery stores in search of candied ginger, i made some!
i used a recipe that i added to pinterest and despite some doubts...came out pretty well!

$4 for 1 pound of ginger root.
delicious smelling house
4 hours later... 2 batches of ginger that would have cost me like $14!

theyre a little soggy ...but they cook up the same.  idk what was wrong with my drying process.  instead of the recommended 8-10, they sat out for 12+ hours.  oh well.  and i had ginger sugar syrup left over [half a mason jar] so i added it with some chopped ginger to a chocolate cake mix.  the other syrup will possibly go in alcoholic drinkies... mmmm ginger booze.

and now, a glorious egg sandwich!
2 eggs, margarine for the pan, s&p, cheddar cheese, ketchup [no hfcs], and an egg challah roll.  frikkin amazing.

be jealous.

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