Wednesday, December 21, 2011

packing. the 4th and 5th circles of hell.

the jewelry wall is no more!  it has been packed away [reluctantly] and is ready to move. 

i have two of these double-layer tackle boxes which as it turns out are perfect for bracelets and earrings!  along with some other little baggies, bins, and small boxes.  the cork squares were sad and naked and have since been removed.

i also unearthed 2 bins full of cd cases.  ...2/3 of which were already empty as i had moved the actual cd into a carrying case.  so i spent an entire evening watching hulu and netflix and separating cd booklets [the interesting ones only] and matching them with cds already in a folder.  and then i had to go buy an extra folder to hold the strays, the random burned mixes that werent damaged from rolling around my car for years, and some other assorted shit. 
two bins narrowed down to 5 cd folders.  success!

unsuccessful however are my attempts to use my bedroom as a staging/pre-packing area.  it looks like my closet, drawers, and storage bins puked everywhere and were then swept up by a tornado. needless to say, it is driving me absolutely batshit.  the hallway outside my room is a similar degree of chaos but includes bathroom stuff.  gel, creme, and mousse bottles for curly hair are EVERYWHERE. 
i havent even begun to think about packing my clothes...


  1. I don't even want to THINK about what it will be like when we have to pack up and leave LI. Maybe those minimalist-living people are on to something...

  2. im a horder by its been an interesting week of packing so far. why did i save exams from undergrad? wtf?

    i like the idea of minimalism, but it seems a bit wasteful and un-sentimental. but it would be easier to move


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