Monday, April 6, 2009

sushi saturday?

nope...friday night actually.

after a 2 hour [$200] trip to home depot, i decided some sushi was in order. but feeling a bit destitute...i searched the house for ingredientes. i found, red bell pepper, [kinda old] snow peas, frozen chicken, and unagi sauce. perfect! i cooked up the rice, the chicken, found my seaweed, and then started the fun if you consider sticky gooey rice all over the table and knives ones

xmas colored veggies [fruits cos the frikkin seeds are on the inside?]

arranged thusly

rolled into a square cos my round rolls turn out lumpy and diseased

and cut. and then present and eaten with reckless abandon. i ended up sharing with the boys as it is pretty pointless to do all that work for 2 rolls...and i can just as easily make 6 rolls in the same mess as 2. not that they deserve any favors.

and now for something completely different. after delicious-sushi-time came finish-the-damn-top-of-a-quilt ...time. and i did!

and i aligned it with the batting i bought [baby crib size...] and the yellow star flannel backing i found. perfect fit 40"x50" and started actually quilting it together UNTIL I FUCKING RAN OUT OF WHITE THREAD. who does that?! alas...i lack the time and the money to venture to joann's to buy more. i seem to have an inability to buy just the singular thing i'm in a store for.

for example: i go to joann's to buy thread..i come home with $20 more fabric. i go to the grocery store to buy milk and eggs...i come home with fresh ciabatta bread, some produce, and the pasta that was on sale. i go to freaking cosco for toilet paper and paper towel...and return home with a 6 pound bag of chocolate!



  1. you can never have too much chocolate. i know this refers to another post but i was too lazy to scroll down again...haha

  2. also. please come to kc and make me sushi.

    cool quilt.

  3. i found a cookbook that has dessert sushi. if you come visit i'll make you chocolate sushi!


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