Thursday, April 2, 2009

frank, pie, yaks???

here is the most disjointed picture-happy post to date.

since the roomies consume a ridic amount of tuna.. it turns out frank downs bowls of tuna juice [?] about every other day. this is a good action shot.

they put the bowl on a table to see if he would reach for it.

yea he did. and since hes a cat and does the crazy bowl tongue lapping thing...he also left a tuna spray on the table. i send praise to whoever invented lysol/clorox wipes.

last night i made a chocolate pudding pie! i crumbled some extra oreos on top for artistry and while the pudding was still hot, i added some 80% cocoa dark chocolate i found on our shelf. it cut quite a bit of the sickeningly sweetness of the pudding...which allows one to eat more than the normal amount of pie.

extreme crust closeup

there is about 1/8th of the pie left. 24 hours later. WOOOO PIE

on my travels throughout LI i saw this guy today.

is it a yak? or some kind of bison? or just a really huge obscure type of cow ive never heard of or seen before even though i originate from the farming midwest [iowa]?

the rest of the yaks within their unsturdy-looking fence/pen thinger

i passed this tree nursery for about 2 miles straight. i would assume it covers about half of eastport but im not exactly clear on where i was. regardless..i like the juxtaposition of the old deciduous tree with the baby pines.

aaaaand it turns out the frankenstein wants to go traveling as well. or hes just a weirdo cat and likes how non-floor things feel on his furry butt.


  1. It's a highland cow-thing. They are from the highlands in Wales or something. Kinda cute. Like your blog too! Found your link at Lady Smaggle in the comments!

  2. oh wow if you google "highland cow" the first things that come up are some pretty damn adorable pictures. but theyre huge and cows..which reduces the cuteness factor a wee bit.

    thanks for the help and the love


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