Thursday, April 2, 2009

south shore moriches

ive been told that the "good" parts of LI are north of 25a and south of 80. that means i technically live on the wrong side of the tracks.. but whos really paying attention. i was however, pleasantly surprised to see this view from a deadend in moriches.

i dont know if it was center east north upper old or whatever moriches. was somewhere in southern brookhaven.

unfortunately it was cloudy, but the water was sparkling clear

conveniently, i had my tripod with me and macguivered it to the guardrail. i was trying to smile for a decent picture when a truck pulled up to the deadend and just sat there creeping. so i took my one picture, uneven leggings and all, and fled to my car.
  • dress: dkny outlet
  • leggings: forever 21
  • shoes: crocs [yea i know. foamy plastic shoes. eff off.]

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