Thursday, April 2, 2009

garden update

whilst on my last foray to home depot [lovingly referred to as home despot amongst friends], i bought a burpee ultimate growing system. long winded remarks aside...i sold out. since most of my paper pots rotted from too much watering with the weird expanding soil pellets, i needed a guaranteed way to germinate my planties in time for planting after the last frost free day.

and it fucking worked!!! with the clear lid and the whole setup in morning sun, the bok choi sprouted in 2 days. this picture is exactly a week from planting. i thought the basil was molding and had a small conniption, only to realize it was sprouting!

equally as amazingly...the sprouts i replanted in mold-free newspaper are surviving thus far. my tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers are still doing quite poorly. i may have to give in and buy actual plants from a gardening store.

on my revised garden plan i added a burning bush and a forsythia. but lo and behold...

a whole hedge of it! next the driveway! who knew?! i hacked the shit out of this hedge last fall with inappropriate gardening tools, but it survived and im pretty sure grew during the winter. the horribly overgrown bush in the back yard is also gaining a yellow hue and im 95% sure it too is forsythia!

aaand that is more than enough exclamation points.

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