Sunday, April 19, 2009

sewing wonders

the mums recently gifted me with two tubs of random stuff from the old house. prior to me receiving them however, they sat in the bf's car and caused a slight commotion in transport via ferry... but that is another story that doesnt really warrant repeating. aaaanyway one tub was full of shit from my closet. photo albums, middle school end of year "autograph books", a camping chair that ive never ever seen before, my paua shell, etc.

the other is filled with sewing notions and whatnot! elastic, buttons, snaps, webbing, cutting guides, quilting roller blade thingies, videos on how to make patterns, and the manual to the serger!

also, obessively arranged thread [all the expensive gutermann type]!

and this. what i originally thought to be some weird sort of wallet

actually was filled with needles! which is much less creepy than it sounds.

but this was my best find. idk if its some vintage thing from my great grandmother's sewing days, but its a paper packet of needles with a cool sticker. it has returned home as the top flap reads "ch crowley, 274 church st, NY" i took a pic of that too but for the life of me can't get it to turn right-side-up when uploaded.

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