Friday, April 17, 2009


here is a quick update from my garden as of last week. the bf came to visit and i put him to work! hehe good thing he likes me right? we worked for 5 hours ripping up frikkin grass. but he worked on a landscaping crew one summer so he did the whole digging sod out with a shovel, rolling, and putting it elsewhere in the yard. where i have yet to water it and it will remain dead sod... forever.

up close of my raised bed with chicken wire to temporarily keep out cat poo

my daffodils!

and a sign that i happened upon while taking sight distance pictures for work

and since i got so many comments on my outfit today heres what it was:
  • earrings: random honduran tienda
  • dress: body central [aka the slut store]
  • tank top: old navy
  • leggings: target
  • random horrible bruise on arm: someones finger? bashing myself with yard tools? frank?

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