Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the saga of the brown dresser

$35 dresser turned sideboard/tv stand!  if you follow me on the ig [see sidebar to the right], youve already seen this.  in very small phone-pic quality format.  read on friends.  read on.
a friend was observant enough to point out ...the dresser matches the trim exactly.  she was amazed, but really, it's the same paint.  just chalk-i-fied.  i added 6 tablespoons of plaster of paris to my half cup hot water and 500 mL paint, to try and counteract the high gloss.  lo and behold, success!

i initially had some doubts about the dresser - $35, appears to be in good condition, has schmancy little details, but why so cheap?  its salvation army, but they sell crappier pieces for more.  whatever.  i tested every drawer, paid, and went back to pick it up with a friend's truck the next day.  after removing the drawers and vacuuming the life out of the dresser and parts, i sanded down the top and sides
the smaller fleur-de-lis emblems wouldnt come off and i kind of liked them anyway so i just painted over.  and why are there glory holes in the back of the cupboard and one drawer, you ask?  well... cos its a tv stand.  and i ended up drilling a much bigger hole as ... they were about 1/16" too small to fit a tv cable end through.  but the middle drawer now holds a bluray player, cable modem, and wireless router, with all the wires neatly stuffed behind the dresser.
not having a workshop/work room/heated garage/dry basement... my kitchen becomes the staging and painting room.  it makes it very difficult to make dinner.  but all in all, it was successful venture, cheap, and very functional.  much better than the filing cabinet/wire shelf business i had going for the past year. 
and a last gratuitous sunlit shot

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