Sunday, March 23, 2014

the liquor cabinet

after a year of debate, i decided to paint the liquor cabinet white to match the walls, rather than chocolate brown to match the trim.  and it brightens up the whole room.  and displays my array of [mostly goodwill] glassware. 

of course the old hardware looked like crap with the white background, so off the the depot i went.  again.  they didnt have the right kind of latch and i wasnt willing to order online or try and paint the old once since my dresser hardware painting went so poorly... so i bought a weird little slide latch.  it works well enough.  

after debating how to tape off the glass for the top door, i ended up just not putting the door back on.  i like it without the reflection, and i always worried about slamming the door and having the plate glass shatter everywhere.  this little venture can also test my tolerance for open dish shelving with a cat.  i really like the idea for kitchens, but i worry it will be a disgusting cluster f very shortly.

aaaand of course the bottom of the cabinet holds my $3 punchbowl and a ridiculous collection of booze and wine.  i buy my own on occasion, but my constant throwing of parties lends itself to people leaving alcohol here.  and it just piles up.  but no pics please.  its both amazing and a little embarrassing because no, i am not actually an alcoholic.  i just play one on tv..  no wait that's not right.

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