Tuesday, March 11, 2014

faux flower arrangement

last weekend i spent some time at michael's.  always a dangerous prospect but i had certain things in mind.  and bought them.  and some fake flowers cos they were 50% off.  which i'm sure being michael's ..they usually are.  but whatevs.  i fell for it.  green and yellow match my apparent decor scheme and seriously?  who doesnt want a boquet with kale in it??

slightly too bright close up with overly busy terrarium print to be hung on the wall elsewhere
having struggled with the insanely thick stems of faux flowers in the past i thought... say.  i bought these somewhat overpriced compound wire cutters for my electrical tech program.  i might as well put them to good use, eh?  well aside from the plastic part of the stems being a bit too thick to go through in one pass.. like buttah.  seriously.  idk why ive tried to use scissors and jewelry wire cutters before.  handyman tools are where its friggin at.
umm idk why i took this.  its like a vase selfie.  the brown/red wall hanging in the background will be moving upstairs shortly, and the terrarium poster/print will be hung there with some other stuff instead

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