Friday, March 21, 2014

new wave. not just for bad music

$60 used dresser at the salv army.  my shopping buddy convinced me not to buy it when i bought the brown dresser, but it was still there when i went to pick up the next day... and my mad tape measuring skills told me theyd both fit in the back of the truck.  and my artistic vision was not for naught.  it looks fucking awesome if i do say so myself.

frank "helped" a lot with this dresser.  after an exhausting day of being terrified by the vacuum and then spray bottles while i sanitized both dressers, he was all about being present on the next venture. 
same process as before - vacuum, spray with various household cleaners, sand, paint with diy chalk paint. 
i did also try and paint the hardware with outdoor patio furniture "spray direct onto unprimed metal!" spray paint.  total failure.  not only did it take forever to dry and spread noxious fumes all throughout my house, it was drippy, clumpy, and weirdly sparkly.  so i went back to the depot for my 11th trip and bought all new hardware.

lately ive been all about trying to loft my bed above a dresser or drawers for extra space in my bedroom.  that may be on hold now that i have a large enough nearly enough space for my clothes.  i sorted another 4 grocery bags of stuff to go to consignment/goodwill and ..promptly forgot that i had entire 2 loads of laundry on the drying rack upstairs.  thats for me to deal with later.  i digress. 

i wasnt going to paint the top of the dresser as it was a crappy faux laminate counter top material and i figured it would eventually be covered with plywood and a bed.  but no.  last minute i threw on a coat of paint and then sat down at my computer for some interneting. 
wet paint calls to cats like a siren song.  like a PBR cracking open to a bro.  like a dubstep drop to moshers.  like the sound of dollar bills to a stripper..  you get the idea.

fortunately the paint is water based so it cleaned up off the floor pretty easily... and after googling "will latex paint kill cats if ingested" and not finding much except intestinal issues, i figured it was already dry on frank's little paws, and soap and water would leave both of us in serious need of medical attention.  he survived the night and didnt have any puking accidents anywhere ive found.

needless to say, the whole ordeal was exhausting

but all's well that ends well or something.  a 3rd [or 4th?] reorganization of my bedroom, with vastly improved results.  while the black wire shelf was entirely functional, it made my 8+ foot ceilings seem like they were closing in, and they were a magnet for cat hair.  but now, 2 dressers, one hanging dress rack, and still the tiniest closet shoe storage ever. 

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