Wednesday, March 12, 2014

$5 cake plate

what am i doing with slightly scummy looking glassware?  again?  following pinterest to my grave.  thats what.

i found 4 clear lightweight glass plates and a candlestick, some kind of mini dessert bowl, and two differently sized matching goblets.  the goblets fittingly, have what look to be grape leaves and vines, which i consider to be the symbol of bacchus.  i'm hosting a party this weekend, which had begun as a toga kegger to celebrate my 1-year house anniversary, but has morphed into "toga kegger houseaversary/st pats/booze and boardgames potluck party".  it is scheduled for the weekend before st pats and i'm totally of irish descent.  no.  not really.  and yes i know a kegger at 28 is ridic.  but some 40+ coworkers will be coming as well.

i digress.
the internet is filled with kitschy "shabby cottage chic" floral china plates glued to mismatched candle sticks.  clearly that just isnt my style.  but the idea is the same:

glue plate to base.  let dry.  fin.
the dry cake plates have since taken up residence in my dining room as... most of the eating that isnt done in the kitchen occurs there. 
if you look closely you can see my overly enthusiastic glue job.  i used loctite epoxy which dries "crystal clear!" thankfully.  i had originally bought it to repair a split wood chair but it was purported to work on all materials, porous and non, so i figured it would work.  so far so good.  they dried in the time it took me to watch an episode of ripper, and the glue is said to cure in 24 hours.  i wont be using them for a few days, so no prob.  not bad for a $2 plate and a $3 candlestick/glass/minibowl

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