Saturday, August 24, 2013

miscellaneous things

nothing says "i'm an adult" like fruity beer and salad that was supposed to be guacamole until i realized i didnt have any chips.
homegrown tomatoes - black krim, striped stuffers, 100's sweet cherries, and some snap peas tucked in there
the makings of not-guac.

attempting to make myself feel better about my terrible bathroom with a new shower curtain. 
sunset in my hood
the slowest progress ever on a friend's wedding dress.  i removed the sleeves while she was explaining what alterations she wanted..and then proceeded to not do anything for months.  the bodice has been completely detached including the zipper, and the skirt panels were pinned down and basted back on.  originally the dress was her mom's and had long sleeves and a super flowy circle skirt.  the friend came over for a fitting before she departs for clinicals for the next 6 months, and i'll be straightening the skirt even more [i already had reduced it by half] and lining it.  cos its ... incredibly sheer.

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