Wednesday, August 21, 2013

dining room improvements

since about april, this has been the dining room of my house:
storage clutter with a card table that is older than i.  in the past few months i added pictures of friends, some washi tape decorations, and an amazing $10 mirror from salvation army.  last week, after 5 months of waiting, and a morning of clearing the room...
my grammie's dining table finally arrived!

there is an extra leaf for my future fancy pants dinner parties, and i hope to find another couple mismatched chairs.  the table arrived with a china cabinet, a mini sewing table, antique mirror, and 3 boxes of packing peanuts.  and by packing peanuts i mean... a box within a box, surrounded by peanuts, the inner box filled with dishes wrapped in bubblewrap. 

akin to the most expensive easter egg hunt ever.  beer was very necessary.
in case you wanted a refresher on packing peanuts, THEYRE STILL SO BLOODY ANNOYING.
i did find some cute old thread spools and needles ... which i did my best not to horde with good intentions of future crafts.  i only kept the wood spools and two little jars crammed with buttons..

these pictures were sent to the woman who coordinated shipping so she could print and show my grammie.  grammie doesnt do that computer machine thing. 
of course frank oversees all

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