Sunday, August 18, 2013

food and pretty things

in case you dont follow me on the fb or the ig... here are some pictures of food.
portland farmer's market

italian day in the credit department!  i made homemade fettuccine with sage brown butter, amanda's grandma made us breaded chicken and eggplant, and rob made crockpot meatballs
smores cronut from a coworker.  sadly, i found out he uses pillsbury croissant dough.  and hersey's syrup.  but free 8000 calorie breakfast! 
not really korean food, from my friend younji's restaurant little seoul!
HOLY DONUT BATMAN!!!  cos no visit from family is complete without chowing down on fried goodness - left to right: chocolate sea salt, lemon glaze, blueberry, maple, ginger, choco pomegranate

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