Thursday, April 14, 2011

liz's laundry

apparently i havnt done anything picture-worthy lately.  except wear awesome clothes.  cos thats what i do
  • choir boy coat: thrifted [marsh's]
  • scarf: thrifted
  • dress: forever 21
  • leggings: charlotte russe
  • shoes: chinese laundry
  • sweater: calvin klein
  • scarf: thrifted
  • skirt: bought at a nz street market
  • frilly socks: kohls kid's department
  • shoes: nine west
  • shirt: from pop's college days
  • dress: cino [from some sample sale]
  • half leggings: glassons
  • random purse strap: ny&co crossbody
  • silk scarf: h&m
  • jacket: kenneth cole
  • geometric top: calvin klein
  • black tank: h&m
  • skinny jeans: pac sun
  • shoes: kenneth cole
my black mary janes garnered compliments from the 3 english-speaking girls in my class tonight.  so glad i found the little squishy ball-of-foot pads cos i missed my kenneth coles.  also..i cut sort of layered-bangs.  but you cant tell from the blurry ass outfit shots i take.  and honestly the grey/blue dress thing [3rd outfit] looked less frumpy during the day.  i think. too late now.


  1. 1. the frilly kids socks are hilarious.
    2. i just goodwill-ed two pairs of mary janes from high school that i wore for orchestra concerts.... basically brand new.
    3. the first outfit is my favorite.
    4. obviously these comments are in no particular order.

    see you... TOMORROW! :D

  2. frilly socks are the shit and should be worn whenever possible


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