Monday, April 25, 2011

green and black and not doing homework

this almost doesnt deserve an explanation.  but it looks so much better!  i bought the dress at marshalls or tj maxx or something and apparently wore it several times without noticing the awkward length.  it hit just at ankle length so it wasnt quiiiite a maxi dress.  about 2" too short.  so i cut most of it off.  and then made a ridiculously short skirt with the remainder.. but its perfect for summer layering.  too short without leggings, but long enough to make an ass-grazing tunic appropriate for public. 
this was my 10-minute sewing project of the day.  the top spent most of its life as a midi-skirt with ridiculous back elastic.  i cut off the waistband, rolled the hem, and added straps.  voila.  minidress.  with sequins you cant see in this shot. 
and this last little number will have to wait til next fall cos it is officially spring/summer weather in LI!  i bought it probably on super-clearance-mega-discount from victoria's secret and ..its acrylic/wool.  just enough wool to be a tad itchy but not enough to make me break out in hives.  i probably wore it once in 2 i had given it to a friend who was on the search for conservative office-wear.  unfortunately for both of us it had weird ubertight sleeves attached to the oversized dolman puffy upperarm part.  result: ridic.  and she didnt wear it for a year either.  but i sat in her apartment unstitching the arm strangling part as she packed to move.  i didnt get a before pic as it was so scary i thought no one should ever see it again. 

the sleeves now reside in a dumpster in kansas. 


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