Sunday, April 10, 2011

hello kitty recital

sorry about your nose kitty.  though you look pretty good for almost 40.
it bothers me that 5 are upside down and one is missing right whiskers.  but theres nothing to be done about that now.
cupcakes for doctor leah!
did you know there is a hello kitty pig named pippo?  FRIKKIN ADORABLE
balloons!  the "congrats" balloon is conveniently hiding
the cupcake tree makes yet another party debut
the most hello kittiest table ever prepared for a doctorate of musical arts reception


  1. and also, it made doctor leah VERY excited and happy, even though i was too tired to eat anything. but it was all lovely :D

  2. i suppose i should have called it "hello dr leah!" oops.


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