Saturday, April 23, 2011


this is officially my 400th post.  woo?

most of my spring break has been spent crazily doing homework or panicking about homework.. with an iowa interlude and a day at the auto show.  for which i will post pics someday.  until then.. here was a small project i did after completing a term paper draft
i bought this shirt at some thrift store ages ago cos i really liked the fabric.  and by the crumpledness you can tell it sat in my fabric bin for quite awhile.  but i saw a tutorial recently on converting a silk shirt to a simple shell.  and of course i thought.. i can do that!  so i did.  the end.

just kidding.  heres what i did: cut off the sleeves and sew a rolled hem around the arm hole, opened the fold-over button down and sewed it flat, sewed the buttons closed, cut off the collar and folded under the neckline to make it a v-neck, sewed the collar back on over the cut off neck [poor planning in retrospect], and then gathered the front shoulders and made mini-pleats.  much better no?

also, sorry for the blurry before-picture.  apparently i had changed my shutter speed to a lower setting and forgot to change it back.  and idk about the lean in the after-pic.  apparently i wanted to be closer to my frumpy-shirted self in too big jeans.


  1. Hey I found your blog through flickr, and your amazing refashion transformations, you've got a great talent making thrifted garments to suit your style. I'll be following from now on :)

  2. thanks so much for the encouragement! i just wish i had more time to sew, but eventually i'll be out of school again. also when i get a chance [sooner than graduation..] i'll be checking out your 6 [!] blogs!


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