Monday, January 18, 2010

picasa 3

before the last crash of my laptop [3rd time being the everything was entirely uploaded from the OS up] i had downloaded a version of picasa just to organize and hopefully figure out how to upload pictures easier. with little in the way of successful results.

since then, picasa [made by google] has released 3.0. a new feature is called "name tags" and is similar to the tagging feature of facebook. except it is a type of facial recognition and can actually find your face within your pictures. obviously it needs some help, and after tagging myself in about 100 pictures...

picasa has now labeled 1,604 pictures on my computer as me. granted some are duplicates, but generally it accounts for tan, weight gain, aging, bad lighting, horrible faces, and different emotions. also unlike many people, it can distinguish between asians. my big problem now is remembering people's names. some people are tagged as "stoner matt", "hot andy", "kristie the ra". basically if the person is not a friend on facebook i have no way of remembering who the hell they are and frankly, i like my names better. where else would you find "that guy from mma"?

maybe the next step for picasa would be 3d rendering of my entire head. that would be frikkin amazing. and scary. and technologically AWESOME. ..and frightening

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