Monday, January 18, 2010

florida fruit

meyer lemon why so lumpy?
meyer lemon why so grumpy?
meyer lemon why so frumpy?
ummm probably cos you grow next to a cactus
and youre actually a ponderosa lemon. oops

grapefruit hanging there
looking quite testicular
why does fruit grow paired?

kumquats are a useless fruit
not good to eat, and only cute

there once was a man named papaya
he often was named as a liar
he hopped all around
and fell on the ground
his pants were very on fire

a coconut sits on the ground, not knowing why it fell
i went and took a picture quick to bring to show and tell
i would not know to open it as its not hairy brown
and only eat the sugared type bought often by the pound
as i walked back up to the road, i heard a light door slam
a tubby woman grabbed the fruit and turned back tail and ran

i have no fucking idea what this is. fin.

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