Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more colors

as it turns out i am much like a crow/raven/seagull [gahh]. i like shiny colorful things. so here are some miscellaneous shots around the house

futon/bed pillows. jewel tones add a feeling of homey-ness to a stark white living room

...yep those are shower products. i believe unintentionally arranged in some semblance of order

my infamous wall. whilst on the phone one night i noticed from the right angle it appears more like an art piece than a target jewelry display.

lastly, my newly organized non-luggage closet and now boot storage. clockwise from bottom left:
  • brown plastic booties from endless
  • purple sweater suede stinky boots from italy
  • furry suede boots from endless
  • ll bean boots from the outlet
  • steel toed sneakers for my summer job
  • hiking boots from god knows where and used mainly out of the country
  • brown stretch pleather boots from dsw
  • black stretch studded boots from dsw
  • grey suede over knee boots from target
  • black suede boots from clarks clearance [$20!]
  • brown velour boots from glassons
  • grey suede booties from target
  • black booties from steve madden
  • blue booties from zara
  • brown pointy booties from macys [most painful purchase ever but i cant give them away]
  • black pirate heeled boots from target
dont tell me i have too many pairs of boots. i wear them all except the pointy hurty ones, the steel toes, and the hikers. and i have had all but the zara booties, the stinky italians, the furry suede, and the steve maddens for over 2 years. those 4 were all bought within the last 6 months. they just look much nicer there all lined up, rather than thrown in the inaccessible closet in my room. which now has about 10 nested suitcases stuffed to the gills and then packed in like sardines. fish metaphors abound.

what im really searching for to round out the collection are some green "engineer" boots. i bought and returned these engineer boots from target. i highly recommend them if you have a calf less than 16.5". like say... a 15" leg would have been perfect. as is, the boots were ridiculously comfortable, $50 for real leather, and they completely cut off all circulation to my foot while bisecting my leg about 1/4" under the muscle. or for over 4x the price you could have the exact same problem with the frye harness boots. thanks, but no thanks. i will continue to buy my boots for less than $45 a pair and i will cherish them all. and when i dont, i will give them to goodwill instead of lamenting over how i bought a single pair of shoes [that nearly equals my monthly rent] and wore them 5 times ever.

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