Thursday, January 7, 2010

new years sushi

sushi prep! from left to right: satay sauce, avocado, red pepper, carrot, spinach, teriyaki chicken, satay chicken, spicy [not really :( just kind of pink] tuna

some of the sushi all rolled and cut. with a rather dull knife so im surprised it turned out so well. but it all eats the same, mangled or whole.

we were also treated to baked clams, little cream cheese endive boats, brie with apricot jam and crackers, and some scary pickled fish in white cream sauce. ...i didnt try it. after years of my dad pushing pickled herring as a "new years tradition" which sadly, only he follows, i figured, what's one more year i avoid the "good luck fish"

washed down by an amazing strawberry beer, made in upstate new york of all places

later on [we had to stay up til midnight, thus fortifications were necessary] there were ice cream sundaes

and $6 champagne. "real" champagne is [aside from out of my price range] really nasty, bitter, and dry. champagne and sherbet is an excellent combination, idiot-proof to make, and even taste approved by my mother!

buon anno!

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