Monday, January 25, 2010

how to wear a long cardigan thinger

last fall i purchased a sweater from victoria's secret. back then i believe it was called the "cotton cashmere wrap". now it has been upgraded to the "soft and sexy wrap". whatever. needless to say, i really have only worn it once as the thrown-over-the-shoulder-look was a hassle and everyone at work asked if i was wearing a snuggie.


a cashmere snuggie that was over $40.


but i digress. as of now, VS has 6 ways to wear the wrap. dkny has a similar cashmere/silk "cozy" that you can purchase for the low low price of $195! regardless of how absurd that is, they do have a little
video tute explaining how to wear and style a cozy/wrap/long cardigan/sweater/thneed. im sure there are 10 other different sites that sell this garment with countless ways of wearing it, but i didnt find them. the end.

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