Thursday, February 26, 2015

a floral coat? dont mind if i do

back in october, i thrifted a london fog rain/trench coat.  fast forward 6 months... and i finally did something with it besides laundering and storing.  i sewed the weird shoulder tear closed, and then waffled about what kind of belt to sew.  thanks to the democracy that is facebook and instagram, i chose the navy retro floral fabric from my stash and sewed a handy belt and loops.

the sleeves are a bit short, but i cant really figure out how they could be rolled or chopped without looking entirely ridiculous.  otherwise, the coat fits really well, and i think it was maybe $7?
i estimated the belt length from a dress belt i had lying around.  the belt is somewhat padded since i used a random scrap of quilting batting i found in a drawer, and the belt loops are double layered and sewn on with enough back stitching to sink the titanic.  hopefully i dont ever decide i dont like the floral.  but i guess i could always donate it back to goodwill and buy a new[used] trench coat to play with...

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