Thursday, February 5, 2015

how not to trim out a window

so the bathroom remodel is still an ongoing thing.  BUT ITS SO CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED.  i just need an uninterrupted day with no homework or restaurant shifts or netflix or friend dates or anything else to feel guilty about.  but last year, the window was sort of nicely trimmed out with poorly painted white and lovely pink and black tile beneath. 
fast forward august through.... january, and the window was naked.  now it sits half finished.  half you say?  weeeell i need to remove the pieces i attached and try, try, again.  feck.
so how to trim a window?  make a sill template out of cardboard.  make sure it fits a few times. 

cut it out of a nice piece of pine.  a 1"x4"x6' will hopefully yield my second attempt.  but i digress.  dont worry about making the interior corners all friggin nice.  i spent forever with a hand saw and a drill trying to make it all fancy and shit.  IT IS COVERED UP BY TRIM.  as long as youre within an 1/8th inch ... whatever.  its good. 
cram that window sill into the frame and .. shave off whatever bits arent quite right.  a really good utility knife will probably work, but if you have a jigsaw [the appropriate tool] you probably got it right the first time.  sand the top, the outside edges, and the corner.
do some research into how to use an air compressor.  my fear was not the nail gun.  i can use circular saws, sawzalls, and chainsaws without fear.  i do, however, fear overcharging a pneumatic compressor and it exploding and killing me with shrapnel and my cat eating the remainder of my face as i lay rotting on my kitchen floor.  never fear though, the compressor i have charges to 150psi and stops.  the output can be adjusted to whatever setting the nail gun needs and the compressor will recharge as needed.  when it kicks back on though, hold tight to your shit or the deafening roar may cause you to almost drop a nail gun and fall off a step stool.  not that i know from experience. 
have some tea at this point.  steady yourself.  then nail shit up.
from left clockwise - sill nailed in and side gaps filled with 1"x2"s cut to size.  side trim salvaged from basement pile of wreckage [removed during bathroom demo] and nailed on.  top 1"x2" filler nailed in and simple mopboard trim added below sill.  not pictured - prime and paint stuff.  or do it before its attached to the window for optimal results...

then, disaster struck. 

disaster as in ... shit the sill isnt wide enough?  are you friggin kidding me?  and the side trim is too long so... i cant add the top trim?  whhhaatt?
soooo my window has been stalled for several weeks.  but i have a plan of attack atleast... and an endgame in sight.  stay tuned.  by next august i might have this damn room done.

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